I’ll often have clients ask me what the right choice is in a matter. My answer is always the same. “You already know.”

The heart knows its home folks.

Without wooing you with more romantic language, all this means is that with every decision that you make, you will find that the innermost part of you is already leaning in one direction. I am talking about the part of you that is concerned about your happiness and self-preservation. Some people call it a gut feeling. Some of you can feel this strongly and others not so much. I've found that it all really boils down to self-awareness and practice. 

You and I were conditioned out of listening to our gut feelings as children. For instance, while your gut might have been telling you to pursue music, your teacher was following the schools agenda to push for more math proficiency. And herein arises our disconnection from our gut feeling.  

Do you practice listening to your gut feeling? What if you started to listen more intently?

Start now. What is your heart/gut saying about a situation that’s coming up for you today?

Your Inner Ally,