Are you acknowledging all of you? No really, like, are you acknowledging ALL of you?

How many things have you thought about doing that you haven’t really gotten around to do? I am not even talking about big things. They can be the super small things like taking a class, writing more often, stretching, drinking more water etc. Chances are that you have not followed all of your impulses to try something new. Most of us don’t.

Here is the thing, our inner yellow brick road is paved with impulses. It’s the little inclinations to try new things, which start to compile and become interests which start to morph into passions. The lawyer who follows her intuition to sign up for improv classes is acknowledging the part of her that has an interest in law, logic and argumentation and also the part of her that craves to lose herself in a character.

Can you exercise both your love for law and and your love of theatre with equal fervor? Yes. Could you be an artist and a politician? A banker and a writer? An HR manager and a Yogi?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

You can be that and more.

We get stuck into thinking that pursuing things that don’t align with that which is deemed socially acceptable makes us look bad, inconsistent, out of character, not serious enough, weak etc. I can’t tell you how many of my corporate clients feel hesitation to come “out of the closet” regarding a hobby or some passion project that they fear it may not be embraced by colleagues, friends and family.  

I'm going to say it politely...

no f*ck it... 


Stop living for other people. You will never please them all. If you attempt to, you’ll miss the moments that you could have spent following an inkling that’s leading you towards unchartered territory and an expanded version of yourself. You might also miss out on the disappointments that may further refine you. That sh*t matters too!

As we move towards a more freelance economy, we are finding opportunities to interconnect our interests and explore multiple facets of ourselves. The lack of resource is becoming less and less of a valid excuse to keep you from pursuing a passion or project.

So start acknowledging all of you. Start now.

Find an itch that you’ve been meaning to scratch. It could be a simple as reading about a specific subject or painting.  Get started.  

Let me know how it goes. 

Your Inner Ally,