Are you acting on purpose? 

No really, are you acting on YOUR purpose

And what is purpose anyway? 

I find myself asking clients this question a lot and I'm usually met with a drop of the shoulder, "I don't know" answer. 

Remember hearing your mom, a teacher or someone else say "hey, (enter your name here), are you doing that on purpose?" What they meant to ask you, with an aggravated tone, was to stop doing that annoying thing that you clearly had every intention to do. Since then, hopefully your motivations have morphed. 

If not, that's part of a larger conversation now isn't it? =)

As an adult, you no longer aspire to drive your siblings crazy, as an example, because your purpose has shifted. As a child your purpose was to have fun. Part of that fun at times meant driving other people nuts and pushing buttons. Because pushing someone's buttons made you feel heard, seen and acknowledged.

As an adult, purpose takes on a different form. It's about being seen, heard and acknowledged in meaningful ways. Some may argue that purpose for them, is not about being seen, heard or acknowledged, but about doing things that they deem important or meaningful. All are true manifestations of purpose.   

So what is purpose? 

It's what you find important and meaningful right now.

It's the engine to action.

If your purpose is to help people like it is for me, you are ignited by causes that empower others or positions that help people. If your purpose is to curate beauty in the world, you will be ignited by beautiful things and will probably be motivated by roles in which you are in relationship with those things. Do you see where I am going here? 

And by the way purpose changes. As you grow, so does your purpose. Purpose is not stagnant. Purpose is continuously redefined.

...and purpose doesn't have to relate to a job. It can be a way of being in the world or a way of being purposeful with your actions. 

So again I'll ask, are you acting on your purpose? Are you taking action that aligns with what brings meaning to your life? 

If not, what is holding you back from starting?

Your inner ally,