How many times have you asked someone close to validate an idea, a life decision or a thought and found yourself harshly or lovingly shredded to pieces?

I bet many of you have. I know I have.

Let a bit of light escape you and threaten those around you and watch them lovingly turn it off. Not because they don’t love you. Not because they don’t want you to succeed but because your light is a reminder of how deeply buried theirs is. If you go off and into your success you may insight panic. You’ll be forcing those around you to face themselves and their “life is happening to me and that’s why I can’t” bullshit.

“I’m following a calling!” you say.  

“A CALLING!?” They say. “Haha, a calling!?” They’ll tell you not to be foolish. They’ll say that you are losing it. They’ll “forget” to support you. They’ll say “it’s good” when they know damn well that it’s fucking great.  You’ve heard it all before, haven’t you?

Listen here, you are your inner boss. And what does a boss do?

A boss leads. A boss directs. A boss creates structure. A boss determines whose ideas will contribute the most good to the cause at hand. A boss keeps secrets in order to protect the team and the organization. A boss does not divulge unless they are sure.

Embrace your inner boss. Protect your dreams. Create a structure around feedback. Ask only those you intuitively know will expand your vision. Assemble a team of these folks. Those who will always protect your vision even if they don’t fully understand it yet but because they see the way it lights you up.

In my work, this is the one of the greatest conflicts I have been privy too. One week, a client will be elated about an idea, the next deflated. When I probe and get deeper on the “why?”, something like “oh I mentioned it to my...” brother, sister, mother, friend, husband.... spews out. Again, I am not questioning the intentions of these lovely people in your life. They may very well want the best for you. But your shine might awaken some fears they hold and may awaken the protector in them.

When the status quo is rocked, you are up for an uphill battle friend.

Embrace your inner boss. The part of you that’s the fierce protector of your dreams.

Yes, he or she exists.

Your inner ally,

Indi //#innernotes


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