F*cking fail already. You just do it. With intention. Just fail.

So many of us are enslaved to the fear of failure. We walk on eggshells around our own dreams, avoiding any chance of facing defeat. While you stay cozy and safe, those great ideas are being wooed by other suitors who are willing to take the risk.  (Great read on this topic: BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert )

Here is what I have practiced and continue to practice daily—controlled risk of failure.

I reach out to folks on a daily basis who are “too busy, too involved” to be a part of my projects but I ask anyways and I fail quite a bit.

I sign up for things that I am not qualified to do just to get rejected. Because one rejection, if you are intentionally seeking it, makes the next rejection sting less.

I have failed at various startups  

I have failed with clients that weren’t quite the best fit

I have failed in relationships...a lot

I fail. I fail often. I fail consistently and I fail intentionally.

Failure is just data. And data is useful because it helps you adjust your approach. When you fail intentionally, you start to reprogram your brain to not perceive the fear of failure as such a an intense stressor.

That is a sweet sort of freedom friend.

Have you practiced failing intentionally? If not, why not give it a try? Apply for something that you aren’t qualified to apply for. Send an email to that person that you have been avoiding because you fear they may say no. Try going for things that you perceive, maybe out of your reach.


Try this for a couple of days and let me know how it goes.

Be intentional about it and f*cking fail already.

Your inner ally,