Does your inner critic have a say? In other words, do you give it permission or does it show up unannounced?

Most of us think that the voices in our head are our own.


don’t leave me just yet, I’m going somewhere with this…

Throughout your life experience, you have met your share of critics. At times, some of these critics might have been your mother, father, teacher, a friend, bullies etc. All of those times left an impression on you. Your inner critic is a conglomerate of those impressions. This is how your inner critic was born. It is the part of you that is constantly wanting to sabotage you. Your inner critic might tell you that you are not good enough, that things are never going to work out for you and that you should really stop trying...

On and on and on.

And because this voice sounds like our own, we choose to listen to it. It really isn’t. It is the voice of all of the people who in some way, shape, or form; either out of love or fear, limited your inner shine.  

Your inner critic is not you. Not even close.

You my dear, are an expansive kind of force. You observe the world, see the good, see the bad and then drum up a reason to make it better, to be better. This propels you to create. To be the best. To do your best. To show up. This is who you really are.

So notice if you are letting your inner critic run the show today. Understand that this is not you.

Give it a nasty name. Call it something vile or funny and refer to it as this every time it shows up.

Ready for mine: Indi’s inner troll… have a seat hunny!

Let me know how that goes.

Your inner ally,


// #innernotes