Hey, I know that the world is an interesting place and people are doing such awesome stuff. There’s a lot going on, trust me, I know.

I always struggle between doing my work and staying informed while having some mindless fun (that’s important too!)

But… my life is waiting on me. Your life is waiting on you.

We watch as other people live these seemingly full lives on social media and/or we spend time reading a ton of things hoping to one day apply them but feeling like we need more time, resources, degrees to feel prepared. We spend time watching reality television when the reality is, that while you are scanning your instagram feed, or watching the next housewife episode, your real life is tick, tick, ticking on. Like right this second, although, I am thrilled to be holding your attention, your life is waiting on you.

So go live it. GO DO.

Do me a favor, get off your feeds today. Try it for little bit. Commit to a time period. An hour, 5 hours, a day… and focus on being and doing. Be fun/ do fun things. Be productivity/ do productive things. You pick your being and your doing.

Check in with me tomorrow. Was this hard to do? .

Your inner ally,