If you are feeling unfulfilled, bored, lethargic, unmotivated, inert etc. chances are that you are not activating your truth.

Activating your truth restores your zest for life.

When you do things that are near and dear to your heart, even if there isn’t a rhyme or reason to do them and simply because they make you feel good, you are activating your truth. A simple test to know if you are activating your truth is when you ask yourself: “Does this feel good to me?” The answer is always a resounding yes.   

Think of the top 3 things that bring meaning to your life? Got your answers? Good.

Have you engaged in any of those things lately?

Now let's get straight to the point: commit to doing one thing related to any of those 3 things everyday this week.

Check in with me and let me know how you feel after that. I'll also keep you accountable. No seriously…

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Your Inner Ally,