Are you about ready to give up on that thing you've been working on?

Do me a favor, don’t.

You’ve gone through some tough stuff. I know. I know what it feels like to try, and try, and try and still miss the mark.

Here’s the bright side, you have excelled at feeling compelled enough to begin. That’s the beginning of transformation.

That’s the spark. The flicker.

And just as you have excelled at the beginning, you can excel in the thick of it. You can stay in the game and win by default. You just have to show up. Try again.

It’s beautiful to experience resistance of life isn't it. It measures character and resilience. Don’t you feel how well you are being refined? Don’t you see how capable you are becoming, day by day, moment by moment?  

So will you please stay in the game? Push a little harder. 

Don't miss out on the person that you are becoming.

Oh and by the way we are all waiting to meet that person too. 

Your Inner Ally,