Are you forgetting to take up space?

In this social media age where everyone's opinion is seemingly relevant, those who stand in the background can feel lost, overlooked and unimportant. We focus on saying things the right way and on avoiding a misunderstanding. This fixation can bring about bouts of inertia as we fail to act in exchange for safety.  We don’t want to come across as too loud, too opinionated, too passionate, too ambitious, blah. blah. blah.

We don’t want to be too much.

I see people pretending to want less in order to accommodate the feelings of those around them, as if owning their big dreams is an act of betrayal. We allow the people in our lives to take up more room than we do when we willingly succumb to the mental prison of their opinions.

It’s time to take up space folks.

I am not only telling you this for your personal development. I am more selfishly asking you to go out there and be, create, do because I hope to one day benefit from it. The more you fear someone else’s unfavorable opinion of you, the farther away I am from benefitting from your brilliant ideas. The longer you fear failure, the longer I will be affected by your inertia.

This is your superpower, well, one of them at least. You have an ability to affect everyone around you.

The ripple effect of your inaction travels wider than your vantage point reflects. So does the ripple effect of your action,

of letting people know who you are and what you stand for,

of sharing your opinions, and your ideas and your dreams.

So take up space today.  

Your Inner Ally,