We are always in search of right timing. We wonder about the right time to leave a job, or to get a business off the ground etc. We assess the right time to date someone new or the right time to pull the plug on a bad relationship. We are always searching for the the right time. Are you waiting for a sign? Have you ever said this to yourself? "I need a sign that this is the right time or the right thing to do."  

Signs, however mystical their origin, are always being interpreted by you.

You choose their meaning.

You are the only one who decides what the “right time” is.

If you have the feeling (even if it’s super subtle) that the timing for something is right, then what are you waiting for? Whose permission are you longing for?

Right now, as you walk your brisk walk, or stand in line somewhere or quickly glance at your phone to find this note, right now is the right time. Yep. Right now. Even if it does not seem like it is. This moment is very powerful. Right now you could decide that you will spend your day focusing on your next step for that new business idea or that you will focus on your health and fitness or that you will choose to let go of anger for the sake of feeling good. Right now, you can accept a painful situation or you can choose to focus on it later, it is always your choice.

But right now is always the right time to decide. So decide. 

Your Inner Ally, 



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