Personal Development in the workplace


The workplace is calling for personal development resources at all levels. Traditionally, coaching was always regarded as a privilege that only top management was allotted. This "top-down" premise operates by transforming executives into more self-aware and conscious managers, equipped with the tools to provide healthier environments for their subordinates. The trickling effect of executive coaching is one where the performance of the team naturally rises as the leader is empowered. 

The changing landscape in the workplace finds this premise only partially true. As discovered by social scientists and thoroughly explained by Dan Pink in the TED talk below, traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think. 

While executive coaching has a trickle down effect on teams, the natural desire for autonomy makes it so that employees crave choice over the direction in which they take their careers. The missing piece of this equation, is providing employees with personal development options that are theirs to choose.

Beyond the benefits of increased self-awareness and an increase in overall productivity, coaching can help an employee determine the ways in which their personal interests are not being met. This knowledge tends to lend way for an action plan that involves meeting these personal goals outside of the workplace. I have seen clients fully reengage in the workplace once personal fulfillment and the pursuit of personal interests was met.





"Autonomy is the

urge to direct our

own lives." - Dan Pink





no strings attached corporate coaching

No strings attached corporate coaching is a revolutionary idea. You are providing your employees with the ultimate choice over their destiny. We do not believe in the value of measuring success based on work productivity. Rather, success is measured by the overall fulfillment and happiness level of the participants in coaching. Sound vague? It is. Part of the reason why this works is that you are placing complete control in the hands of your employees and making a direct investment into their wellbeing.  Studies show that when employees feel valued and respected, their job performance increases exponentially. As part of We have a strict confidentiality agreement with our clients. Clients must feel a great deal of trust in us as coaches in order to maximize their true potential. 


How a corporate engagement works

We work with teams of 10 or less. Once per week, your employees can opt to have a private remote or in person session, depending on your location, with me or one of the personal development coaches on my team on a biweekly basis.

The sessions will have a 'whole person" approach where we will focus on what the client brings to the table rather than the career and workplace related information. All coaching will be kept confidential and success will be measured by you based on employee engagement and general feeling of wellbeing. 



If your workforce seems to be unenthused, unengaged and turnover is high and you resonate with the ideas mentioned above, contact us.  You will be exploring the possibilities around providing "no strings attached" coaching to your organization. Whether we simply have a single dialogue, or we dive in more deeply through creating an action plan that works for you, it would be a valuable conversation to have. 



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