What Is Coaching:

Coaching is about eliciting the very best out of people. It is not my job to give advice or tell my clients how to live their lives, interact with their teams, or how to run their businesses. Rather, my job is to ask powerful and sometimes simple questions that communicate to a deeper part of my client’s psyche. I am masterful at asking questions. Question asking, listening and radical honestly create an irresistible playground for our higher, most powerful selves to play in. The agenda, however, is your responsibilityy... Read more on FAQ

How Do I Coach: 

My engagements are typically no less than 12 sessions long. Transformation takes time, So does coaching. Continuous engagement with me is a critical component of the work.

Who Do I Coach:

I typically coach leaders who are facing a challenge or would like to be more fulfilled & effective in their roles. I've coached clients in a variety of industries including finance, technology, beauty, law, etc. I also coach individuals who are looking to lead more meaningful and impactful lives. I coach people who wish to pivot careers and manage transitions. Lastly, I coach aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners who aim to start or scale their businesses. I enjoy coaching in-person in New York City and I also work virtually with others across and outside the U.S.

What Do I Coach:

The issues that I often address with my clients include self-care, mindfulness, pivoting careers, managing relationships with employees, key stakeholders, & others; improving team dynamics, transitioning from technical expert to leader, company culture, and change. 


Coaching Method.png

Holistic Approach: 

I enjoy working with clients who are open to exploring holistic approaches to professional and personal development. Although I am focused on results and professional effectiveness I find that discovering what routines and practices work for each client, elevates performance in many areas of life. I address topics such as exercise and fitness, sleep routines, eating habits, stress & mindfulness.


Play. Play is crucial. It is part of my coaching methodology. For example, whenever possible and if the coaching engagement allows for it, I may suggest that we take up rock climbing during a session to discuss a challenge in the workplace or I may suggest that we partake in a round of Karaoke to discuss how you show up in meetings and when you fail to use your voice. I understand that these methods might seem unconventional to most but I find them extremely helpful to emphasize states of being. I utilize these rather unorthodox methods around play, to facilitate powerful reflections of how clients are showing up in the workplace, in their businesses, and in their lives. In other words, we may play with legos... but there's a method to my madness.