Why did you become a coach? 

I came from very humble beginnings and was afforded many wonderful opportunities because of my family's income level. As a result, I attended a private university nearly free of cost. I made a promise to myself to make the very best out of the opportunity. My goal was to get the best job I could possibly get out of college and at that time, that meant, the one that paid the most. As a senior at Syracuse University, I was handed an $10K Sign-on bonus and a job opportunity at Goldman Sachs, and I took it. I spent the earliest part of my career entrenched in achievement and then I burned out. By 26, I had made more money than anyone I knew at the time, and I had discovered that money was not the answer. There was something deeper, something bigger that I was aspiring for. After years of seeking that 'thing.' I took inventory of the times that I felt truly 'alive.' Those times were always when I was communicating with others about meaningful things in their lives. I decided that I did not want to fix people, I simply wanted people to recognize that they were enough and that all answers are not in the attainment of things or the security of a job, but in the discovery and the becoming of the people we want to be. I decided that coaching was the closest thing to a career path that made sense for me. I took my first coaching course June of 2013 and I have been actively coaching ever since. 

What is coaching?

Glad you asked. Coaching is about eliciting the very best out of people. It is not my job to give advice or tell my clients how to live their lives, interact with their teams, or how to run their businesses.I do not provide answers as a coach. Rather, my job is to ask powerful and sometimes simple questions that communicate to a deeper part of my client’s psyche. I am masterful at asking questions. Question asking, listening and radical honestly create an irresistible playground for our higher, most powerful selves to play in. The agenda however is your responsibility...

Do I have technical and leadership experience that can I bring to the table during our coaching engagement? Of course, I will not withhold information if I think that it will serve your agenda, but I will not engage in outright consulting. 

What do you mean by 'my agenda'?

Coaching is a practice that really protects the client's agenda. I acknowledge that only you know what you really want. Only you know what you want to create in your life. I cannot therefore, have my agenda overpower yours. My purpose is to serve as the container for your development. Therefore, before each session, I will ask you to fill out a Session Prep Form that will cue me into your progress, your challenges and your agenda or focus before each session.   

What's your coaching style?

I will push you and challenge you but I also want you to feel supported. I have a very direct approach and I will certainly be candid about what I am observing but I will take into consideration delivering my observations in a way that would best serve you. My agenda as your coach is to help you achieve what you say you want, and sometimes, direct communication about what is standing in the way from what you want is necessary. Conversely, I expect you to be in the driver seat of your coaching experience, as it is your agenda that we are ultimately following. I will hold it as your responsibility to let me know when I have overstepped my boundaries or when something is just not working for you. Politeness should not stand in the way of your coaching success.  

What's better remote vs. in-person sessions?

They both have their virtues. I find that working with clients over the phone is very powerful. Over the phone, the client has the power to let loose in their environment and forget about how they are being perceived, which tends to add an extra layer of self-awareness. It is also convenient for both the client and the coach. However, there are benefits to working in-person. Body language is observable and there’s added engagement. 

Are the things we speak about confidential?

I will hold all of the information that we discuss to be strictly confidential and never to be shared by me with anyone other than you without direct, written permission by you. My agreement has a clause on confidentiality. 


Will I see results? 

Hell yes... if you are committed. Even if I was the greatest coach in the world, if you are not committed to your growth and to doing the work required to attain your goals in between sessions, you will not see results. You must take control and ownership over your results. 

Why hire a coach? 

We all in our own ways know valuable information. We also have accessibility to information at our fingertips with the rise of the internet. We know that you should be doing 'x', if we ought to achieve 'y.' We 'know.' So why are some of us still not achieving our goals? Because it takes more than simply knowing what needs to get done. This is where a coach can help put a magnifying lens on the inertia that prevents you from moving forward with a goal in a meaningful way.   

Does a coach have experience being a CEO to coach a CEO (interchange CEO with any other title you may be curious about)?

Coaches are generalists. Because we are not outright giving advice, having experience in the subject matter that comes up may actually sometimes work as a hindrance to the coaching relationship because it blurs the line between coach and consultant or mentor. As 'experts' we can commiserate with the experience of a fellow 'expert.' As coaches, we are skilled at not coaching "the problem," i.e. not fixing it, but empowering the client to find ways to perceive or be in relationship with the problem. So as much as I understand the desire to work with a coach that 'gets us,' note that the probability that you actually desire a mentor or a consultant rather then a coach are high.  


Do we have to talk about 'my feelings'?

As a coach, I have to touch upon emotional intelligence. I have to ask you how certain things feel to you and what emotions are sparked within you when we discuss certain things. If it is not for this level of intimate conversation, you would be challenged to develop the self-awareness necessary to move past unconscious hurdles. I ask your permission in advance to ask some "deep" questions. 

Is coaching consulting?

I am not a business consultant. Although I have extensive business knowledge, I only employ my skills in a coach–like manner. For example, I may suggest that the next step for that great idea may be to create a website, but I will not create it for you. I may however, offer you some guidance as to where to find a great source to create a site etc. Similarly, I will help guide you in all aspects of your business but I will not partake in the implementation of my recommendations.

Are there assignments?  

More like tasks and Inquiries. Coaching is a movement forward practice and as such, we have to create tasks to move your agenda forward. These tasks will depend on your specific goals and timelines. Most of the coaching actually happens in between each session where you get to implement what we discussed, answer an inquiry, or complete a task we laid out. You get to accept, modify or reject any request made by me and you call the shots with regards to what is right or not right for you. 

Can my employer sponsor my coaching?

Yes. If you are a potential private client, ask your employer if they would be willing to sponsor your coaching sessions. Many companies are sponsoring coaching for their employees as part of personal growth initiatives in the workplace. If your company agrees to sponsor the coaching on your behalf, I understand that confidentiality is of utmost importance. I will never divulge information to your company about our coaching sessions without discussing it with you first. If your company requires progress reports about our coaching sessions, you will be able to design this report with me and approve a final draft. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to reschedule your session, please give me at least a 24 hour notice. There may be a time that I am forced to reschedule as well, but I will let you know at least 48 hours in advance excluding emergency situations. All makeup calls must be completed within the current month dependent on my availability, otherwise the call will be considered cancelled and the full fee for the session will be charged.

Regarding lateness, I will wait 15 minutes to hear from you at our scheduled time. If the session doesn't begin within 15 minutes and I have not heard from you, I will consider the appointment cancelled within the 24 hour range. After two missed sessions with no notice, I reserve the right to terminate the relationship.