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I had a position lined up at a great financial institution upon graduation, no financial worries and a fresh perspective about the "real world" and my role in it. Gradually over a few years, I found myself fading. My true identity was masked by something else. I could not quite pinpoint when it happened but suddenly I had lost my sense of happiness. I made a decision to quit my very "safe," corporate job.  I had no employment opportunity lined up and no idea of what would be in store next. I only had an inclination that my desire was to work with people. I paid 3 months of rent and hoped that it would be enough time to focus on my next move.

Every time I thought about what I would love to do, thoughts about what I should do would enter my mind. I had reservations about explaining a gap on my resume to a potential employer and veering off course so much in a new industry that I would reduce my chances of returning to my financial services safety net.  I wondered about how it would look to others if I suddenly didn't hold a fancy title. I worried that I would never make enough money doing the things that I loved to do. I was fearful, and paralyzed by my fear. 

Although I eventually found a job helping women a world away, I learned that the world is not designed to make the journey of self-discovery easy. I learned that we will always, because of our limiting belief systems and self-imposed criteria of success, push against the discovery of our truest self. I learned that this inertia is rooted in the preservation of ideas that help us make meaning of the world. And, when meaning is challenged, it drives us mad because, well, inertia.  

The experience although challenging, carved a new desire in me.  What if a platform existed solely to create a community of people supportive of wild, seemingly impossible, fragmented and unconventional dreams? What if you could be a matchmaker and a lawyer at the same time? or an educator and an entrepreneur that embraces gender neutrality? or a financial wiz and the owner of liquor brand who invests in philanthropy? What if you could be a politician by day and a comedian by night? Or what if you were and pole dancing instructor and into social work? Scandalous right!?


What if businesses embraced this level of uncommon too. What if a business owner felt empowered to hire based on transferrable skills rather than the cookie cutter, employment history match? What if more full-time positions became part-time roles allowing employee flexibility and the maximization of creativity within an organization. What if you could be truly transparent with your employees without feeling threatened? What if you weren't the Boss anymore and became the Leader? What if...

I truly believe that we are living in the greatest of times. Information is at our fingertips and possibilities for self-exploration have never been more available.  

[fade]We are living at the cusp of our self-actualization, moment by moment, day by day.[/fade]

This project is about maximizing our tomorrow by acknowledging what holds us back today. I never fight my inertia anymore. I collaborate with it. I honor it. I use it to mine for beliefs that stand in the way of my goals. I dance with my inertia. I let it wash over me and I don't resist it. I use it.  

Present day, I change lives. I know it sounds a bit airy, fairy, like "how the hell do you do that?" Well, I do. I help people redefine what success is for their specific brand of human. I help them shed ideas about themselves that foster fear and reflect to them their true power. I equip them with the tools they need to create thriving businesses. I fan the flames of the unapologetic dreamer. 

I am forever glad I veered off course.  



Member of the International Coaches Federation,  ICF

Certified Co-Active Coach, CTI