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[fade]2010 was a pivotal year in my life. Armed with courage, I quit a seemingly stable career to find other avenues of fulfillment. On my quest, I discovered that I had always been a coach...[/fade]


[fade]executive, business, life CoacHING.[/fade] 


[fade]I coach executives and their teams, business leaders and individuals.

I coach. [/fade] 

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a Group Coaching collective

I host 'out of the box', affordable group coaching sessions. I work with facilitators to co-create a truly unique experience for you. Think art. Think music. Think food. Think coaching. One of these is not like the other... and that's the point.   


Inspiration exists, but it must find you working.
— Pablo Picasso


[fade]Profiles of amazing individuals.[/fade]


[fade]Have an #innerview into the lives of people who have taken chances, pivoted careers and are actively pursuing their dreams. [/fade]


[fade]Notes for the UPLIFTED soul.[/fade] 


[fade]Words of encouragement to help you realign with your best self. Join the inner circle to receive weekly reminders.[/fade]


[fade]Voice REMINDERS tHAT lift you OUT of a funk.[/fade]


[fade]Tune into my podcast offering advice on how to handle the most annoying, frustrating and stressful situations.  Available on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud. [/fade]


It’s not the will to win that matters...everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.
— Paul "Bear" Bryant