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[fade]2010 was a pivotal year in my life. Armed with courage, I quit a seemingly stable career to find other avenues of fulfillment. On my quest, I discovered that I had always been a coach...[/fade]


[fade]executive, business, life CoacHING.[/fade] 


[fade]I coach executives and their teams, business leaders and individuals. Online. Remotely. In-Person

I coach. [/fade] 

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Indira is truly a visionary. Her innate ability to see past what an individual is saying and pluck out what they are feeling is really incredible. By helping me cultivate my out of work activities into something fruitful, she was able to elevate my ‘in work’ life tenfold.

Procurement Contracts Attorney


After the sessions I had such better focus because I understood what the end goal was. I shared the lessons I learned with my team and really we all benefited from it. They could see the vision clearly. It laid a strong foundation for us moving forward.

CEO | Public Relations Firm


Indira has helped me with my self-esteem and has allowed me to tap into my full potential, through her unique guidance and insight. I hold myself accountable in a way I have never done before and I have come leaps and bounds since we first started working together.

Vice President | Morgan Stanley