4 Things You Need To Do To Leave Your 9 to 5 and Start Your Business


Are you having FOMO on your business idea while working your 9 to 5? I know what it’s like to perform your job duties while growing your business. It can be overwhelming and tiring when you don't have a strategy in place.

The good news is that you can do both successfully.  It takes a bit of discipline, but with a plan in place and consistency, you'll see the end of the road on that 9 to 5 and the beginning of a brand new path ahead.

These are the top 4 things you need to do to leave your 9 to 5 and start your business:

Get clear on your business model. Many people have a business idea but are unclear about their business model. They spend time building a website and branding their business without first conceptualizing their business model. Getting clear on your business model, i.e. the day to day activities of your business, your revenue streams, cost structures, resources, value propositions, etc. will position you to move forward methodically and strategically and will inform all of the other aspects of your business, like your branding and marketing strategies.

Strategyzer has a great Business Model Canvas Tool that can help you map out your business model.

Create a timeline. There are few things more important than establishing a timeline to achieve specific business goals. If your goal is to resign from your job in six months to work full-time on your business, it is best to work backwards. Figure out what you want to accomplish halfway through the six months, month by month, then, week by week. You don’t have to be super rigid with your timeline as you want to be flexible to the changes that come up but you do want to get the all of your goals mapped out so that you are consistently reaching milestones. By doing this, you'll both train your mind to create a habit around goal setting, and you'll also develop the ability to strategize and to create intention around your business goals. An excellent resource for creating a timeline is smartsheet.

Prioritize. It’s super important that you manage your time well after work and on the weekends. I know the Housewives are compelling, but every one of your evenings and nights counts. DVR your favorite shows and leisurely activities and designate weekend time to catch up on those things. Think marathon of guilty pleasures. If your primary objective is to leave your 9 to 5 within six months, then you must decide which tasks are most important to achieve the goals that you've laid out for yourself on your timeline. For example, getting some wholesale accounts might free you up to further develop your marketing plan and customer outreach. In this case, any task that relates to getting wholesale accounts is most important and should be tackled first. I love this Marie Forleo video on prioritization.

I find that assigning different days of the week to specific tasks is helpful. Using this method, you'll avoid dropping the ball and neglecting any area of the business which, as you grow, is easy to do. For example, Monday’s may be your designated day for research. All tasks related to research should take priority on Mondays, that is, after all of your most important tasks get done. Tuesday evening may be your day for content creation, all content creating tasks take precedence on Tuesdays after your most pressing and overall important tasks get accomplished and so forth. This method ensures that you are growing all aspects of the business while also prioritizing the most important tasks based on your objectives.

Emotionally disconnect from your 9 to 5. This is the hardest to follow, yet most important advice I offer.

I get it. You are a responsible human being, and you pour yourself wholeheartedly into every endeavor that you take on. When I suggest to my clients to emotionally disconnect from their 9 to 5, at first, they seem horrified. I think it’s easy to confuse protecting your mental and emotional energy with a drop in productivity. I am not saying to be less productive at work. Instead, what I am saying is to permit yourself to be less emotionally bound to it. Set boundaries with how you give of your energy at work, remove yourself from the office politics and drama, leave your work at work and make time for your business while at home, stop responding to non-urgent emails during your free time, etc. Employing these changes often makes you more productive at work and in your business.

Think about it. We spend a lot of time expending mental and emotional energy on situations and relationships at work. All I’m saying is, you don’t need to figure out why Joe from legal is such a (you fill in the blank). You can use the energy you spend on office politics to think of ways to move your business forward instead. And, although painful to hear, if you are still lured into the office drama after you've started working on your business, you're probably not compelled enough by your business idea. You need to spend a little more time sitting with it in your mind and imagining all of the positive outcomes.  You'll want to prime your mindset. Ever heard the lyrics, "wild horses, couldn't drag me away." Yeah, that's the product of developing a powerful mindset. 

Find support. You don’t have to be alone in this. In fact, a good leader delegates and while at first, you may want to conserve every penny, consider hiring folks to do the things that will take you time and effort to figure out on your own. For instance, it’s likely that learning a video editing software will take time and effort better used on more critical tasks.

Reach out to your network and find mentors that have built successful businesses on their own. Take them out for coffee and lean on them for advice. Harnessing these relationships will make a massive difference as you grow. Lastly, hire a business coach. Look for someone who has the business know-how and can help you stay accountable to your plans. It’s like having a business partner without the equity split, #winning. Book a free consultation with me. 

Six months will fly by and before you know it, you'll be in headfirst, making your business dreams a reality. 

Your inner ally,