10 Time Management Hacks That Will Transform Your Life

10 time management hacks that have helped me tremendously in my business and life: 1. Automation. 2. Prioritize and delegate days to specific business-oriented tasks. 3. Place your phone in a different room. 4. Close every single tab on your browser other than the tabs you need for your current task. 5. Get Organized. 6. Ask for help when you don’t know how to do something. 7. Maximize your commute. 8. Designate time to mindless social media or internet browsing during your breaks. 9. Purchase audiobooks or watch youtube videos to save on reading time. 10. Use the voice-typing feature on your phone to write notes and any content ideas that come to mind.

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Stop Networking. Start Making Friends.

You must forge connection for career advancement. Meeting people is a crucial part of growing your business or career, but it doesn’t have to be a robotic process. In fact, approaching networking in the traditional sense is ineffective because, now more than ever, people crave genuine connection. 1. Approach people at a networking event like you would approach a friend 2. Be yourself, Not your resume 3. Your network has a network 4. Invite your new contact to fun events that you think they may enjoy 5. Send your new contacts articles and videos 6. Whenever possible, send your network business. 7. Be generous with your praise. 8 Check in on people. 

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Why Coaching in the Workplace Should Start at Entry Level

Hiring a coach early on to work with high-potentials and even entry-level employees means that they can develop sooner and contribute more to the organization.1. The cost of employee development is always less than the cost of replacing good talent 2. Coached people coach people 3. Coaching is different than mentorship 4. Coaching emerging leaders reduces the chances of developing unfavorable habits that are hard to break

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