Do We Have Past Lives?


Have you ever contemplated the idea that you may have lived other lives?

I’m a dabbler. I have always been supremely curious about different perspectives on life. As a coach, I also work with a lot of different kinds of people. I feel a sense of responsibility to be as open-minded as I can and to try many healing modalities.  I am on a quest to find methods that will inspire an inner transformative journey for my clients. Naturally, when I went to SacredWaters for my floating session, I was intrigued to find that they do past life regressions at the center as well.

My mother is a past life regression aficionado. Growing up, I heard countless stories about the work of Brian L. Weiss, a renowned traditional psychotherapist with an Ivy league education who has used regression therapy to cure his patients of phobias. Of course, when I told her about the offering at SW she was thrilled, partly because she wanted me to have the experience, and partly because she wants me cured of my nutty tendencies.  I figured that if there is such a thing as a past life, then I might as well get the details of my past life, pronto.

After a wonderful floating session at the center, I was booked for a one hour past life regression with SW’s founder, Jennifer Cogburn. We walked into a small and cozy room, and I was instructed to lay on a chase lounge. Jennifer begins by explaining every detail of the process which put my mind completely at ease. 

If you’ve ever experienced hypnosis, you know that, contrary to what you may seem to remember from the early 90's talk shows, you are never really unconscious during a hypnosis session. Sorry to break it to you but no one can make you walk around like a chicken. No one has the power to manipulate your actions in that way. Hypnosis is a deep meditative, trans state, that's all. A past life regression is essentially a guided hypnotic state in which you are aware and conscious.  

Initially, Jennifer walked me through a relaxing visualization. She walked me through some visions until I got to the portion of the session when I had to dictate what I saw in my mind. At first, it felt like a figment of my imagination. Jenn counted down and explained that she would bring me to different moments or frames, of a past life and my job was to recount what I was seeing. 

In the initial frame or visualization, I remember looking down on my feet and imagining sandals on a dirt road. I couldn't identify a time frame, but I felt a part of an indigenous group of sorts. In this visualization, I had the feeling that I was a man who had abandoned his wife and child. I saw myself looking at my wife and small child as they jumped into a moving wagon. My wife’s look was stern and rigid, and I felt the anger that she held towards me. The interesting part was that although it felt that I could have been making this entire thing up in my imagination, the feelings that arose were every real. I felt feelings of deep guilt that moved me to tears. Jenn quickly switched gears as she noticed my discomfort with the “memory” or visualization and walked me to an earlier timeframe of that life. In it, I saw myself as a young child on a hill. I was roaming around and playing by myself. Atop the hill, I could see hundreds of people who looked just like me. I felt no personal connection to any of the people I was seeing. Later on in the dance through the frames of this life that I was exploring, I identified that my parents had been deceased. There was a thread of abandonment that tightly weaves my past life and my current life.

As Jenn continued to ask me questions I felt as though I was finding it hard to answer them. And it could be possible that I was just creating a story in my mind and connecting emotionally with that story thus allowing the processing of some deeply rooted emotions. I am open to that possibility just as much as I am open to the possibility that this level of hypnosis can be deeply therapeutic and that past lives can, in fact, be a real concept.

When I came out of the meditation, I felt a sense of peace and relaxation. I feel like I could pinpoint and define some deeply rooted emotions that had been holding me back. I guess the story or past life that I described enhanced those feelings and helped me see them from a different perspective. In that sense, the session was completely transformative. 


  • I was able to reach a deep meditative/hypnosis state
  • The session helped me see my emotions from a different perspective
  • It is hard to validate whether the visions are valid and not figments of my imagination
  • Be prepared to feel emo, I wasn't expecting such a release of emotion
  • Beautiful space and environment and Jennifer's voice is lovingly soothing
  • Jennifer really connects with you and your vision. I felt super safe exploring the visions that were coming up for me


SacredWaters is located in 5-35 51st Ave LIC, NY 11101. If you go, say hello to my friend Jennifer. Watch her innerview and learn how she started SacredWaters



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