Even though I was living the gang-banging life, I was also an honor roll student.

Lured by the call of the streets, Antwoin Gutierrez found himself in constant trouble with the law. At times, spending 6 months away from prison was deemed an achievement.  However, it was a specific trade learned after prison that freed him from his criminal lifestyle— baking. 

Nearly 5 years after his last stint in jail, Antwoin, now known as Chef Fresh, is a skilled pastry chef. His company Fresh Taste Bakery, specializes in creating innovative baked goods. Chef Fresh is proudest of his unique carrot cake cookie which he claims reminds him of himself because of its distinctive, "one of a kind-ness". He finds pleasure in being able to serve his first time customers their very first carrot cake cookie. 

What makes Chef Fresh's story so fascinating is how telling it is about the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is sometimes disguised and misguided but nonetheless adaptable. Chef Fresh is a sought after speaker and spends time inspiring people to pursue their dreams despite the seemingly insurmountable setbacks of life's circumstances and consequences. 

Have an innerview into the life of Antwoin Gutierrez, Chef Fresh.

Filmed & Edited by Andrea Villamil 

Music: Down and Around

Have an #innerview into the lives of people who have steered away from conventional career and life pursuits in exchange for non-traditional, multi-dimensional pursuits. 

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