I want to be a part of that time capsule story

Adrian Goris studied economics at Syracuse University. When he graduated during the economic downturn of 2008, he faced two options, work at the Federal Reserve Bank or at an early stage startup named AppNexus. The cultural difference between the two was vast. At the FED, Adrian envisioned himself walking into a fluorescently lit cubicle, at AppNexus, he'd be working hard, while wearing sneakers and hanging out with a barefoot CEO. The choice was clear. Adrian's, startup career sprouted. 

Adrian was an early employee at AppNexus. He began to see that although the culture was a fit, there would be little to no lateral movement. He quit his job and decided to travel for a bit. Upon his return, he was introduced to the two co-founders of Elite Daily and their team of six. Although apprehensive about the size of the company, Adrian continued to work with them and stayed through its sale. The Daily Mail acquired the startup in early 2015.

Adrian is the creator of Code and Hip Hop, a vodcast where he interviews interesting tech professionals. The vodcast can be found on Youtube and Itunes.   

Have an #innerview into the life and work of Adrian Goris the Creator of Code and Hip Hop.


Filmed & Edited by Gesar Dorji

The Series: Have an #innerview into the lives of people who have steered away from conventional career and life pursuits in exchange for non-traditional, multi-dimensional pursuits.