My thoughts are hurdling over each other down a mountain, like an avalanche. There is no space between them. They are fighting to get out, one faster than the other.

7 years ago, Lindsey found herself at a crossroads. Battling the grip of an alcohol addiction, she was let go of her fast-paced job as a publicist to NBA players.  The event inspired her to look within. She started applying meditation techniques in her everyday life and discovered that peace and serenity were not just at the reach of monks living in mountain tops, but that she too, a busy New Yorker, was able to experience those emotions. Encouraged by the sense of inner peace that she found while witnessing her thoughts through mindfulness meditation, she wondered if she could effectively teach others to find the same. It was the words of a mentor that propelled her into action, "the world needs you, go!"

Lindsey's mindfulness meditation company,  Do You Mind(fully)?, was born out of a desire to teach others what she has learned. The sassy name of her company reflects her belief that meditation should be fun and lighthearted. In this innerview, Lindsey reminds us that even amidst the most chaotic, external circumstance, we can make a choice to look within and focus on the space between our thoughts.

Have an innerview into the life of Lindsey Pearson, Do You Mind(fully)?.

Filmed & Edited by Gesar Dorji

The Series: Have an #innerview into the lives of people who have steered away from conventional career and life pursuits in exchange for non-traditional, multi-dimensional pursuits.