The goal is to support people in being their most authentic selves

Jennifer Cogburn grew up in rural Colorado where she became curious about the world of commodities trading. Enticed by the call of the Big Apple, Jennifer eventually landed a job in New York City and worked as a trader for a number of years. After a friend asked her to help her open a yoga studio in India, Jennifer realized that she was interested in holistic and spiritual practices and how they can help people. She began to experiment with different modalities and eventually learned about floating. Floating is a technique by which a saltwater tank is used to create sensory deprivation experience. It is meant to draw out toxins, increasing natural blood flow and relaxation, induce meditative brain states and hold a peaceful and calming space to get away from it all. Jennifer found that the experience helped her in her high-stress job and it also helped her tap into a deeper awareness of herself.

Jennifer noticed that there was high demand for floating facilities in New York City and few that provided the service. She started to passively look for places in Long Island City where she could start a spa of her own. She came across the perfect space, and SacredWaters was born.

SacredWaters is a holistic wellness center focused on helping people live as their most authentic selves. They offer customized wellness services & intentionally selected retail items.

In this #innerview, Jennifer reminds us that sometimes, the things that we are naturally drawn to can open up a world of opportunity if we allow ourselves to get curious enough to pursue them. Mention INNERtia Project and get 3 floats for $250 (usually $300)



Have an innerview into the life of Jennifer Cogburn, SacredWaters.

Filmed by Ashley Priessnitz & Edited by Andrea Villamil
Music by Podington Bear

The Series: Have an #innerview into the lives of people who have steered away from conventional career and life pursuits in exchange for non-traditional, multi-dimensional pursuits.

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