One night during the economic crisis of 2008, Sean, an investment banker at the time, and a colleague had an idea. They thought, “what if we make wine?” Driven to get out of their unfulfilling jobs, they got to work and created their first vintage wine in 2010. After the success of his wine partnership, it became clear to Sean that working in investment banking was not his only option. Determined to make a mark in the beverage industry, he quit his job and partnered with his brother Ryan. After receiving a pre-hypertension diagnosis, Sean researched the health benefits of hibiscus tea and saw an opportunity to create something unique.  Sean and Ryan created TK Hibiscus, a line of bottled hibiscus teas that are not only refreshing and savory, but have proven cardiovascular health benefits. In this #innerview, Sean opens up about his journey and the hiccups along the way.

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