All of these things make the space even more magical.

Jae Lee & Yvonne Chang met at studio group in Architecture School at Cornell University. After graduation, they both found themselves working in large architecture firms in New York City. The working experience contrasted the one they thought they would have while at school. The lack of design experience acquired, and the nature of high-specialization that exists in the corporate architectural culture began to disillusion the aspiring architects.  After a few years of work experience, they both started to feel drained and did not feel like they could continue to grow in their respective positions.

Jae and Yvonne began to contemplate the possibility of branching out on their own and working together. They had little knowledge of entrepreneurship and what they needed to do to start their own company but decided to take the plunge anyway. They co-founded Public Matter, a organization which strives to test and prove the correlation between spatial design and human behavior by using design as a tool to create and measure change and impact. One of their most successful projects was the Scratchbox Project, an installation that allows for the innovative and creative expression of ideas. 

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Wildrence, Jae and Yvonne's second venture, was birthed out of their desire to create interesting design for interaction and play. The Mist, the first project under the design studio, is an enchanting physical space located in Lower East Side of Manhattan that is designed to fully immerse those who visit in a journey through five individual environments. The space is thoughtfully curated and magically interactive. The space can be booked to carry out immersive performance and game play, the first of which is called Refuge.  The space can also be booked for personal projects like shooting videos, tastings, fashion shows etc. 


Have an #innerview into the life and work of Yvonne Chang & Jae Lee, the Co-Creators of The Mist.


Filmed & Edited by Gesar Dorji

The Series: Have an #innerview into the lives of people who have steered away from conventional career and life pursuits in exchange for non-traditional, multi-dimensional pursuits.