[fade]Have you tapped into your full potential yet?[/fade]


Are you really putting forth the effort to attain all of those things that you say you want?

No really, have you put in the work? Have you even begun? If not, what is stopping you?

So many things can stop us from achieving our goals. There are many circumstances that can stand in the way as well, surely there are. But the main thing that impedes us is our own inner-inertia.

Inner-Inertia takes on many forms. It can show up as apathy, lethargy, boredom, lack of motivation, confusion, addiction, anger etc. You may have disrupted these patterns at certain points in your life but your inner-inertia may have pulled you right back. This is because ingrained in all of us, is a mental mechanism that resists change in order to protect us. We all go back to our baseline the level of "being" that feels most comfortable, safe and predictable.

My philosophy is simple. You cannot create a life that is truly meaningful, if you do not wholeheartedly acknowledge your inner-inertia. Some of us are blind to what keeps us attached to a certain way of being. i. e. You may be stuck in apathy, because your desire to have an impact in the world and your belief that you can't conflict. You may be stuck in confusion regarding your career because your desire to do something that fulfills you and your belief that this line of work is 

not what you ought to do conflict. See how this works? Your true desires, what brings you meaning and joy, is imbedded and intrinsically attached to your inertia, 

The human condition is a constant dance between flow and resistance. Our resistance— our inner-inertia, is just as meaningful and worthy of our acknowledgement as are moments of flow and ease. In acknowledging our inertia we begin to rediscover our desires and in essence, what we really want out of life. 

I create the space for that level of inner-exploration.

But this doesn't end at acknowledgement. Coaching is a forward moving practice. The aim of uncovering our resistance is to become aware of where we actually want to go, who we actually want to become and how to get there from where we are.

You are an incredibly complex being.  You do not fit in cookie cutter molds. You are full of ideas, passions, worries, fears, choices, desires and possible directions. In the words of Martin de Maat, “you are pure potential” and potential is messy, uncontained and sometimes it is not easily defined or even understood. You are here to realize your unique potential and I am here to be your witness, ask you a ton of questions and give your best self some space to grow.


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[fade]LEVELS OF INERTIA:[/fade]

There are levels to this...



From the outside, life as you have created it may seem perfect. You may have a great job; rising up the ranks steadily year after year. You may be thriving financially or living comfortably at worst. Most likely, you are a hard worker, incessantly chasing after that ever elusive sense of satisfaction. You may be looking back at your life and asking, is this really it? Is this as good as it gets? You know that you were made for a greater purpose. 



You are outwardly confused about it all and you seek external answers. You read self-help books and watch TED Talks and meditate, but you are still confused.  When you think, “what is my passion?” an alarming silence follows and you feel ready, and I mean REALLY ready to answer that question. You’ve had enough of not knowing but what you do know is that you were made for a greater purpose.



You know your passion. You may have felt the urge to act upon an idea or a dream. It usually surges as an overwhelming feeling of excitement combined with equal, if not more anxiety  and fear. You ask yourself, how will I accomplish this big dream? Why am I so afraid to move forward with this? And even though you feel this hesitation you know that you were made for a greater purpose.



You’re haunted by your past and/or intimidated by your future. You find it hard to love yourself and feel a lack of self-worth. You’re living a “couch potato” life. You have no real goals, no big ambitions and your momentum has dwindled. You have realized this, and are craving change, and I mean REALLY hoping for a change because you know that you were made for a greater purpose.


[fade]Let's discover your greater purpose, Shall we?[/fade]