What is keeping you from the success that you are capable of? Owning a small business is much more than managing people, tasks and clients. You are your business. So let's take care of you first, shall we?

What does this business mean to you? How do you define success in the context of your business? What kind of leader do you want to be? In a year, 5 years, 10 years, where do you want to be? What strategies need to be put into place to get you there? 

[fade]Together, we will answer these questions and tap into your fullest potential.[/fade] 

You have envisioned a thriving business not to mention, you've actually worked hard at creating it. It's time to get you to the next level.

As your business coach, I will help you discover what is standing in the way between you and the business success that you desire. Together we will develop strategies and techniques to create success within your business.

 Together we will:

  • Increase revenue and create a steady flow of income, 

  • Clarify the vision that you have for your business 

  • Learn how to motivate and effectively share that vision with your staff 

  • Learn or refine specific marketing and business skills

  • Ensure that your pricing is aligned with profitability

  • Craft an action plan for growth 

  • Expand your reach and find new customers

  • Create sustainable motivation and accountability

  • Time management techniques and prioritization 

  • Stop the feeling of overwhelm


[fade]A BIT ABOUT HOW I WORK.[/fade]


Sample sessions

I engage in 30 minute sample sessions with all clients. This gives both the client and I an idea about whether we are a good fit or not.

Contract and Coaching Packages 

If the client decides that they want to move forward with the coaching, I will send them my coaching agreement which includes my package rates. My packages range from 1 month (4 sessions), 3 month (12 sessions) and 6 month (24 sessions) engagements. These packages assume that our session frequency is weekly.

Discovery session

Once the client selects a package, we book a 2 hour discovery session where we will cover a lot of ground. I'll learn a lot about you and your business, the holes you are currently facing, and your goals. We will clearly define the goals and objectives of our work and will decide the frequency of our engagements. I require a minimum of 2 meetings per month; biweekly for new clients. 

Where do we meet? 

If you live/work in the New York City area, we can meet in person. I have access to various co-working spaces in the city. We can also meet at your office or at your favorite coffee shop. 



Intrigued? Well, why not book a sample session?